You're all about me, but I'm all about you...

“I believe in destiny, I believe that everything is written and I believe we can't escape it so we might as well live life to the fullest."
Angelica -Mexican-Manchester United-Real Madrid-AC Milan- Borussia Dortmund-Music-Fashion-College-Mexican NT- Spanish NT-Live-Love-Laugh October 24

1. What languages do you speak? I speak spanish  and a bit of Italian 

2. Who is your favorite player that doesn’t play for your own team? Kaka and yes he does! 

3. If you could be someone for a day, who would it be? Marion Cotillard 

4. What team(s) do you have a soft spot for? Valencia 

5. If you could sign anyone for your club from your biggest rivals, who would it be? Steven Gerrard 

6. Tea or Coffee? Coffee 

7. What do you like doing in your spare time? Listening to music 

8. If you could change something about football, what would it be? Racism in football 

9. What song do you think you have listened to the most? Cuando Nadien Me Ve by Alejandro Sanz 

10. Which team was the first that you watched? Manchester United and Real Madrid 

posted 1 year ago